The Fourth of July – America’s Holiday

In many communities around the country, the Fourth of July is the only holiday that’s celebrated by the entire town. Independence Day is a day of barbecues, family get-togethers, and fireworks. All of it to celebrate the nation’s independence from England.

The History of the Fourth of July

On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of the Declaration of Independence. It wasn’t officially adopted until the 4th of July. That’s why the fourth day of the seventh month is regarded as the day of our nation’s birth.

Interestingly, the Fourth of July, or Independence Day, or July 4th, wasn’t an official federal holiday until during World War II. In 1941, the fourth of July was officially adopted as Independence Day and declared a federal holiday with everything that that means.

How the 4th of July is Celebrated

Typically around the country, the 4th is celebrated with backyard barbecues, fireworks, music, and swimming. The day is usually hot and lots of fun.

Most communities have fireworks in town that everyone can attend. Almost every American has memories of going to see fireworks on the Fourth with family when they were younger. The bright lights and loud noises are a reminder of the bombs and wars that have gotten us to this day.

Company events are another big thing on the Fourth of July. Since most companies are shut down for the day, they will plan a company picnic for the Fourth. It might in conjunction with a big event, like a county or state fair, or they might rent a park and invite the employees and their families out for the day. Anyone who grew up in a company family remembers running around with kids they never saw again and having fun. The parents got to let loose for the day and still enjoy the company of people that they spend 40 or more hours a week with all year long.

Planning Ahead

There are a number of things to plan for with the Fourth of July:

  • Food – Of course, there is a lot of eating, usually grilled food, on the 4th. Plan ahead. By the day of, most stores are out of hot dogs and breads. Since most of the items for the Fourth can be frozen, it’s a great thing to buy them and freeze them so you can be sure to have them on hand.
  • Ice cream – Another constant favorite is ice cream. The best ice creams often run out by the third of July. Look for treats that the kids can run around with, like pops, ice cream sandwiches, and more.
  • Cleaning up – One of the downsides of parties is the clean-up. With all the food left lying around, you can end up with raccoons, stray dogs, and worse, all in your backyard. Make sure that the whole area is cleaned up before turning in for the night.

The Other Big Need

This might seem like a strange item to include on the list, but everyone needs a restroom during celebrations.

Sometimes, the restroom in the house isn’t enough. Look at renting a portable restroom. There are several options, from simple to very elaborate, all of them designed for guest comfort. Many people might feel strange renting a portable bathroom for a family event, but you’ll be grateful it’s there.

Community events are notorious for not having enough restrooms for fireworks and celebrations. Restrooms are designed to handle about 125 uses. It doesn’t take long for the restrooms to get overused if you have several thousand people attending an event.

Even for backyard events, a nice restroom trailer, with flowing water and electricity, is perfect for making sure that everyone is comfortable and happy. It’s probably a lot less expensive than you think and everyone will be impressed with the thoughtfulness.

If you’re planning a large city-wide event, speak to the pros at Nationwide Waste Service for guidance and resources.

Most importantly, PLAN AHEAD! Everyone, from large family gatherings to company events to citywide fireworks, all are planning to use portable restrooms. Make sure that you can get what your guests need!

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