Construction Trailer Rental

Construction Trailers You Can Count On

Workers in industries like construction and agriculture are always on the go. This means that they can find themselves far away from the nearest toilet and needing to take a long walk or drive a vehicle to get to one. You don’t have to settle for this inconvenience and productivity loss. A construction trailer is a convenient solution.

Nationwide Waste Service construction trailer rentals allow you to put your portable toilet on wheels and move it quickly and easily. All you need to do is hitch it to your vehicle and haul it wherever it’s needed whether it’s to another area of the construction site or a different farm field.

Our construction trailers for porta-potties are built tough, durable and able to be towed on a variety of different surfaces. It’s an ideal piece of equipment for rugged worksites and the blue-collar workers who will be using it.

Rentals exceeding 10 days are considered long-term rentals and placed on an OPEN ticket which will be charged automatically on an advanced 28-day cycle.

Construction Trailer Features

When it’s necessary to have the ability to move a porta-potty around a job site, a towable construction trailer is a dependable solution. The trailer can be pulled on both paved and off-road surfaces, so it’s popular with construction and agricultural workers who are always on the move. Construction trailer features include:

  • Galvanized steel construction
  • No-rust fenders
  • Removable towing tongue
  • Enables the portable toilet to be lowered to ground level for safe & easy access

Nationwide Waste Service provides construction trailers throughout the United States for construction sites and agricultural areas. In addition to our great products, we also make it a point to deliver top-notch customer service. To learn more about our construction trailer rental services, or to order, call 855-301-2530, submit an inquiry form or request a quote.