Holding Tank Rental

Holding Tanks You Can Count On

When you’re preparing for a construction project or event, you have a lot to think about. Where your waste goes or where you’re getting fresh water from shouldn’t take up a bunch of your time. Our holding tanks are a simple but effective solution for bulk waste storage and fresh water availability when indoor plumbing isn’t an option.

Often used in place of a septic system, waste holding tank rentals from Nationwide Waste Service are durable and designed to stand up to the elements. They are frequently used with long-term portable toilet rentals, job site trailers and RVs to collect human waste and water from restroom or kitchen sinks.

Each unit comes with multiple service ports so that it can be used in locations like construction sites, campsites, disaster relief camps, rest areas and more. No sewer or septic hookup is necessary, and the waste tanks can be connected and ready for use quickly.

Our fresh water tanks typically are used to supply water to luxury restroom trailers or mobile office trailers but can also be used for other purposes. They are a convenient solution wherever you need water when there is no other source or to increase the volume of water available. Setting up and using the tank are both very easy.

With multiple sizes available, our holding tanks are sure to meet your needs. We have low-capacity tanks for light-usage sites and high-capacity tanks for heavy-usage sites.

Holding tank rentals are usually requested for construction sites, but they can be used for special events as well. Rentals exceeding 10 days are considered long-term rentals and placed on an OPEN ticket which will be charged automatically on an advanced 28-day cycle.

Waste Holding Tank Features

Wherever bulk waste storage is necessary, a holding tank is an effective solution. Durable and versatile, the tank provides peace of mind to workers or guests because it is functional, discreet and safe. Waste holding tank features include:

  • Heavy-duty, thick-wall construction
  • Multiple service ports to work with a variety of plumbing configurations
  • No sewer or septic hookup required
  • Multiple sizes available

Fresh Water Holding Tank Features

If you lack an existing fresh water source, a water holding tank is a reliable solution. The tank consists of a plastic water tote and metal cage and has a quick disconnect for easy use. Just connect the tank to wherever you need the water with a hose, open the tap and you’re good to go! Fresh water holding tank features include:

  • Durable construction
  • Quick disconnect
  • Easy to use

Nationwide Waste Service takes pride in providing dependable holding tanks to areas both rural and urban across the United States. To learn more about our holding tank rental services, or to order, call 855-301-2530, submit an inquiry form or request a quote.