Standard Portable Toilets

You may possibly be confused when choosing a porta potty and do not know which one to pick. There are many differences in the models of porta-potties provided by Nationwide Waste Service and we want to provide you with enough information to make the right decision. We provide everything from standard porta potties to the toilets with sinks that will flush.

Standard portable toilets come in your basic model with a urinal and interior locking door as well as air vents and translucent tops to let outdoor lighting in. You may also get one with all these features as well as a sink inside. Those portable toilets with sinks will come stocked with soap, towels, and a trash receptacle. Some porta potties also have a flushing toilet which gives you the added convenience of having a toilet bowl with fresh water to flush the waste away. These are also nice to avoid the unpleasantness of having to look down into the waste holding tank for the porta pot. All of the porta potties will be delivered with a deodorizing chemical in the tank of the potty to break down the waste and give a fresh scent in between uses.

For public events, it is always recommended to have 5% of your porta potties be handicap accessible. Handicap-accessible portable toilets will have the entrance flush to the ground for ease of access and handrails for the user inside. Handicap Accessible Porta Potty RentalThese portable toilets typically take up more space on a truck and will cost additional to have. The handicap porta potty will still have all of the features of the standard toilet without the urinal. Many can be stocked with the hand sanitizer inside instead of a foot operated wash station. For added convenience or to meet the American Disabilities Act we feature the ADA accessible porta potty. These units are the largest portable toilets you can get and have adequate room for 2 people inside the porta-potty.

Whichever unit you decide on will sure to be a welcome convenience at your event and Nationwide Waste Service is here to help you make the right choice. Have additional questions? Then you can call Nationwide Waste at 855-301-2530 or email us at [email protected] to get additional information or answers to any other questions you might have about portable toilets and restroom trailers.