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At Nationwide Waste Service, we offer top-notch restroom trailer rental services that are perfect for any event or wedding. Our restroom trailer rentals give you the convenience of a restroom wherever you are while still being easy to use. We provide top-of-the-line configurations that will meet your every need.

Our two most popular options are our Two Stall and ADA Plus Two Stall trailers for weddings and small events. However, we also provide Six Stall, Eight Stall, and Ten Stall VIP trailers for any size of event. Tell us what sort of turnout you’re expecting and any considerations, and we’ll give you a free estimate on the price and which rental would be right for you.


**pricing varies based on specific needs, delivery placement, and time needed.

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Prime Restroom Trailer Rental Services

Our elegant restroom trailer rentals are the perfect choice for larger groups, sophisticated events with limited access to restrooms, and minimal restroom wait times. With your restroom trailer rental, your guests will appreciate having somewhere nice and spacious. Units range from two stalls to ten.

Nationwide Waste Service’s units include holding tanks that can hook directly to the sewer, like how an RV hooks up. The units require a water spigot hook up and a 20–30 amp power outlet. The event space should tell you if these are available.

Additional Options

We have a number of different options available for our rentals. Each option is dependent on the location, and Nationwide Waste Service can discuss the best choice for your event with you. Our options include daily, weekly, and monthly restroom trailer rentals. We also provide generator rentals, fresh-water-holding tank rentals, and restroom attendants.

Nationwide Waste Service is happy to discuss your event with you to determine which restroom trailer would be best for you and any accessories you need. Get started with us today by emailing or by calling (855) 301-8693.


**pricing varies based on specific needs, delivery placement, and time needed. 

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