Portaloo Rental for Your Next Barbeque Party Or Get Together

Inviting people over to your home for an occasion such as an annual barbeque, wedding, anniversary or fundraising event can be a nightmare for your bathrooms, during and after the event. A great alternative to your bathroom horrors is a portaloo rental. Yes, folks, it’s a convenient way to keep your sanity and maintain your bathrooms at home especially if you have around 20 or more guests. You don’t have to serve your bathroom as your sacrificial lamb to guests filled with food and alcohol.Deluxe portaloo, porta potty, Natiowide waste service portaloo rental

Here are a few pretty great  options for portaloo rentals that feel like a home away from home:

  • Deluxe portaloo rentals are wider than your standard size cubicles. They are spacious with natural lighting features with translucent roofing, anti-slip floors, coat hangers and shelving to put bags and personal items on. It has a good size ventilation space to circulate the air and let odor out.
  • Flushing portaloo rentals are a notch higher than deluxe rentals with a flushing toilet. It has the same spacious interior and features of a deluxe rental.
  • Luxurious portaloo trailers are like being inside a hotel restroom with luxurious interiors such as faux marble countertops, stainless steel sinks, soft interior lighting, running hot/cold water, and flushing toilets. It also has full-size vanity mirrors. The odor is no problem with an electric ventilation system. The powered ventilation keeps the bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Trailer type portaloos usually come in twin bathrooms to prevent long lines. Give your guests special treatment with the Portaloo trailer. Other luxury-type trailers include electrical sockets for charging phones and other gadgets, temperature controls, and even plug-in music.
  • Hand washing station – You can also rent portable hand washing stations separate from your portaloo to keep the lines shorter and keep your guests only on the grounds of the house.

You have different types of portaloo rental options that will fit your budget but still keep your guests comfortable. By renting cubicles, you are saving more from the wear and tear of your bathroom and filling up your septic system. Save yourself from bathroom nightmares and clean up after your party. Call a portaloo rental service provider near you and know your party options.