Portable Toilets for Your Wedding | Nationwide Waste Service

If you host your wedding in a rural, backyard, or off-grid setting, you need portable toilets to accommodate your guests’ needs. Understand your options before you order your portable toilets to ensure you receive the units that best fit your needs. Here are some of the choices available to couples who rent portable restrooms for their big day.

Single or Multiple Stalls

The standard portable toilet is easy to place where you need it at your venue, provided the delivery vehicle has a clear  path to the space. These portable toilets are effective and affordable, and if your guest list is small, they should work just fine. However, if you have a larger guest list, you need to think bigger.

Industry standards recommend that you order one unit per 50 guests for every four hours that the event will last. Be sure to take into account the needs of each of your guests. If any of your guests are in need, we have handicap portable toilets and ADA compliant portable toilets available.

When you need to provide your guests with an elevated experience, restroom trailers are the most desirable of your portable restroom options. Restroom trailer options available have two to eight stalls, as well as ADA-compliant stall options.

Not only do restroom trailers provide all the comforts of a relaxing restroom experience, but they can be a cost effective option, especially when you expect a lot of guests to be in attendance. Enclosed trailer units are especially helpful for locations where dust, wet weather, or windy conditions are expected.

Non-Powered, Electric, or Solar-Powered

Standard portable toilets have translucent white roofs that allow sunlight into the unit, and on a bright, sunny day, this is more than enough. However, standard portable toilets do not come with lighting within the unit, which can be tricky for guests if your wedding or reception is during the evening or night.

Solar units and restroom trailers have powered lighting within the units. Solar units and restroom trailers can also use their power source to heat or cool their space, which may be important depending on your location and the season- you need your guests to be comfortable, not freezing or sweating.

However, restroom trailers require a 20-30 amp power source, so make sure to check with your venue to see if they have the necessary utilities to support a restroom trailer  before your make a decision. If the venue does not, you still may be able to use one – you’ll just need to rent a generator as well. Talk to us today for more information.

Self-Contained or Connected to Utilities

Standard portable toilets and portable wash stations are self-contained units that do not need additional water hookups. These cost-effective options units have holding tanks built into their designs. Because they work on their own, these units are easy to install and can be put in many places, giving you a lot of flexibility.

Restroom trailers require a water spigot hookup to accommodate plumbing. Be sure to check with your venue before you order to ensure your event space meets your water hookup needs. Direct hookup to a sewer line is also a very helpful option that keeps costs low, but sewer access is not required.

Some venues may not have water or sewer access, and that is okay! A reputable and experienced portable toilet provider (aka. Nationwide Waste Service) will have many more options available to accommodate your needs, including water-holding tanks. Talk to us about your options so that
your wedding will be as comfortable as possible for your guests.

Water-Based Extras

Portable toilets may include a water-based hand sanitizer if needed. While this is sufficient, many guests will still prefer portable wash stations, which look and function like regular bathroom sinks, for their post-restroom hand washing needs. Portable wash station units from Nationwide Waste Service have two faucets, are self-contained, and include soap and towels. Your guests will feel much more comfortable with these extra amenities.

Plain or Luxurious

Your portable toilets can be as utilitarian or as elegant as you prefer. Top-of-the-line restroom trailers are the premier choice for those who want to provide their guests a luxury bathroom experience, but your budget and your preferences are your own. Speak to your provider to see the full range of what they have to offer and make a choice that will take care of your guests without breaking your budget.

Budget-Friendly or Extravagant

Portable restroom pricing ranges from $199 to $15,000 depending on your choice between portable toilets or restroom trailers. You’ll be able to find an option that works for your budget, no matter what it is.

Reserve your choice of portable toilets for your wedding or reception by contacting Nationwide Waste Service today. We offer a full range of portable restrooms throughout the continental United States of America.