Porta Potty Trailer Rental: Give Your Guests The VIP Treatment

Porta potty trailer rental is available for those special events such as weddings, family gatherings, class reunions and company outings or sports events. These trailers bring extra comfort to these events and determine their success.  Everybody wants special treatment, and a porta potty trailer is the best way to treat every guest special. Restrooms are often overlooked facilities by organizers and hosts. A potty trailer solves the problem of sanitation with style and comfort.

Here are the top 5 benefits of porta potty trailer rentals that you never expected:

  1. Outdoor special events need good sanitation systems, but with potty trailers, it is similar to rolling out the red carpet for your guests with flushing toilets. The beauty of a restroom trailer is that users feel at home and comfortable. The simple feature of a flushing toilet leaves a good impression on guests.Restroom Trailers
  2. Hot/cold running water is another trailer surprise that your guests will appreciate. Again mimicking luxurious venues such as restaurants and hotels, porta-potty trailer rentals feature running water and sinks for washing and freshening up. Standard portables are not equipped with running water or a sink so guests feel unclean after using the restroom but with a potty trailer, they’ll feel clean and refreshed.
  3. Temperature control is another benefit of a porta-potty trailer rental. Give your guests the comfort of cooler or hot temperatures to make them feel at home and comfortable while answering the call of nature or just freshening up after a round of dancing.
  4. Efficient odor control through better ventilation and waste management systems is an additional benefit. Through the use of advanced technology, eco-friendly chemicals, and engineering, toilet trailers have more efficient odor control than standard portable cubicles. Highly efficient exhaust and ventilation keep odor out while modern toilet mechanism shoots wastes straight to the tanks keeping them trapped throughout the event.
  5. Exterior and interior lighting keeps the trailer bright, easy to find in an outdoor event, and makes the interiors brightly lit. We’ve all experienced going to concerts, conventions, and events that go on all night long, and the horror of looking for a portable cubicle to relieve ourselves in the dark. A portable potty trailer rental eliminates the impression of darkness from the outside to the interiors, they are well lit to ensure safety and convenience.

Roll the porta potty trailer rental down your driveway, just behind the main tent or anywhere that will be convenient for your guests and experience luxury restrooms in the great outdoors.