Porta Potty Rental Prices: Here Is What You Need To Know

Porta potties are your sanitation solution for any event, whether there are existing facilities that you want to add on to, you are looking to comply with laws and regulations, or there are no facilities anywhere near your venue. A porta potty will set things right for you, your event workers/volunteers, participants, and guests. Rest assured when you are looking to rent a portapotty, rental prices are not as steep as you’d think and depends on the kinds or types of cubicles you need and are allowed within your budget. Note that weekday rates are different from weekends because demands are higher during weekends. Prices also vary on the type of event, location, crowd size, and accessories.

Here is a simple rundown of prices of different types of portable units on a per day basis.

  1. Standard porta potty cubicle prices per day can range from $175 to $225 per day. Weekend rates can be slightly higher than this. It should also be noted that this rate range also changes according to the number of expected users because during the event the cubicle requires maintenance and servicing even before reaching the waste tank threshold.
  2. Handicap-accessible porta potty rental prices range from $200 to $275 on weekdays and $225 to $300 on weekends. For event organizers, it’s important to note that handicap-accessible units could be a regulation or law requirement to reduce barriers for participants at the event.
  3. Deluxe porta potty rental prices start at $300 to $600 on weekdays and can jump up to $795 on weekends. Deluxe cubicles include a flushing toilet, washing station with running water with antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer, depending on service provider add-ons. It is also quite larger than the standard cubicle with shelves and hooks to double as a changing station – quite popular for family occasions, reunions, and weddings.

Factors Affecting Porta Potty Rental Prices

An experienced portable potty service provider will ask questions other than the number of attendees and the type of event you are organizing. There are several factors for consideration to fully determine the number of cubicles you need and porta potty rental prices that they’d quote you.

  • Alcohol consumption during the event – alcohol consumption at the event determines the frequency of use of the potty and as a rule for every 90 to 100 frequency of use, the cubicle must be serviced and emptied by the service crew.
  • The number of female attendees – this determines whether provisions exclusively for women should be more than those for men to avoid long lines.