Porta Potty For Weddings: Built for Convenience, Comfort and Luxury

Your special day is a few weeks away. You are determined to make it a wedding to remember for you, as a couple, family and your guests. Your dream wedding with an outdoor theme to enjoy the day, night or in the open sunshine or night sky. The only thing missing are the bathrooms to make the whole set up complete. Do not worry there are porta potty for weddings that are built not just for convenience but for comfort and luxury. Porta Potty Rental For Wedding & Events Nationwide waste serviceYou don’t have to settle for blue or gray cubicles that you see on carnivals, concerts and construction sites. Porta potty for weddings are elegant and made for these types of occasions when convenience and utility just won’t do.

Porta Potty For Wedding Options

You have whole range of porta potty for wedding options to meet your budget and style. Basically there are two types, the cubicle and trailer; depending on the budget, your style, location and set up.

  • Cubicle type is the basic with the addition of certain features to make guests feel more comfortable. Indirect lighting from translucent roof to keep some sunshine in and make the cubicle brighter. Anti-slip floors to prevent accidents in cases of any liquid spills that make the floor slippery. Wider ventilation spaces to keep the air flowing inside the cubicle preventing the odor from staying inside and keep it smelling fresh. Shelving and hooks for a space and provision to hang clothes for changing and place down personal items. Lock and key keeps the unit secured when needed.
  • Potty trailer types are fully functional bathrooms with providing full service flushing toilets. They also have running hot/cold water with additional amenities such as hand soaps, sanitizers, paper towels to keep the guests clean and refreshed after using the bathroom. Lighting on both interior and exteriors of the trailer to make the bathrooms bright, and easy to find in the dark. Porta Potty for weddings. Restroom TrailersClassy interiors with choices faux marble, corian or simulated tile countertop, cabinets, tiled floor, and chrome or porcelain fixtures. Temperature control to keep the guests comfortable inside the trailer. A trailer has sound system feature to play music and electrical outlets for charging phones and other gadgets. Potty trailer are elegant and luxurious to keep your wedding guests, family, entourage and you happy on the best day of your life.

Porta potty for weddings complete the list of necessities for you big event. This is one less worry for you on your wedding day.