Porta-John Rental – Key Features To Look For

Porta-john rental has an important part in keeping a project or an event successful. Portable john rental ensures projects and pushes through without too much headache when it comes to sanitation and you want to be within the requirements of the city or municipal laws and regulations. But most vital is the convenience and comfort it brings to employees, workers, volunteers or visitors. Having a porta john makes people more productive and happy as they don’t have to worry about doing their business at the most inconvenient places, rushing to find the nearest gas station, restaurant or convenience store to accommodate their needs.

Here are the key features you want in a porta-john rental:

  • Lighting – no one is comfortable sitting on a john in the dark at an event or project. Choose a potty cubicle with a translucent roof for natural lighting during daytime. Light provides a cleaner look. Dark portables have the impression of being dirty and unsanitary. Having natural light make users more comfortable doing the essentials.a porta-john rental should have good ventilation and a translucent roof for goo visability
  • Space – Porta john rentals should be spacious enough to let a person move freely within the cubicle without hitting his or her head or any other body parts. Using a portable to some is not a walk in the park but when nature calls, its good to know they can rely on a portable that’s not cramped and is clean enough to make them comfortable.
  • Anti-slip floor – The last thing you’d want in an event or at work is a cubicle accident that can be pointed back to you as a negligent act. Having anti-slip flooring in your porta john rentals for your event or project site prevents accidental slips.
  • Proper ventilation system – When you are choosing a portajohn rental, make sure they have a good ventilation system to minimize odor. A good ventilation system allows for the circulation of air inside the cubicle and brings out the odor. An odorless cubicle makes it more sanitary.
  • Occupancy indicator – An occupancy indicator is essential to tell if the cubicle’s occupied or not. Accidentally opening an occupied cubicle can lead to embarrassment, or worst, a fight. So keep the people around the event and project comfortable and happy by providing a working porta-john rental with an occupancy indicator to keep the peace.

Porta john rental is the most convenient way for you and people at work or at your event. Make sure to have this checklist when choosing a porta-john rental and during an inspection at work or before the event.