Porta John Rental: Be the Life of Your Party

One thing is for sure, when you are organizing a party at your house for an event such as a wedding, graduation or bar mitzvah, you have to think of a restroom solution – especially as the number of guests keeps adding up. A porta john rental will solve your bathroom dilemmas for any party. Imagine 50 to 100 guests using your bathroom. Portable johns will save you the clean-up, not to mention spare your septic tank from the distress of being filled up just for one event.

Here are 3 things you should know about porta john rentals before calling your local provider:

  • You can choose from a variety of porta john rentals, depending on your needs and budget. Not all portable potties are the same. They come with a variety of conveniences to provide comfort for different needs. There is the standard unit that you see at fairs, concerts, conventions and other events. The ADA-compliant unit has a larger interior to accommodate wheelchairs or strollers and for easy maneuvering. And the queen of porta john rental, the trailer, which is basically like being in a hotel, with all the trimmings and luxuries including air conditioning and piped in music as well as flushing toilets and hot/cold sinks.
  • Porta johns have a reputation of being unsanitary and unhygienic. But this is all a myth. Portable potties come with hand sanitizer and toilet paper for standard units. Other units have their own sink or a hand washing/hand sanitizing station outside so there’s an easier flow of traffic. Potty trailers have their own hot/cold water sinks and flushing toilets.
  • You’ll be surprised to hear that your porta john rental is the life of the party and will get people talking about it even after your event, especially if you rent out the trailer unit. A trailer unit is like a portable hotel restroom with all the amenities, from cold/hot water from the tap, flushing toilets, counters and shelves for guests to put their belongings while they do their business, wash and freshen up. It also has an air conditioning system to keep it nice and cool, especially on a long hot summer day. A spacious and luxurious portable potty is an instant treat to your merry makers.

For your next house party, keep porta john rentals in mind for your guests’ bathroom needs. You’ll be happy knowing you’re not sacrificing your bathroom to the traffic of people coming in and out, freshening up and answering the call of nature. Save yourself the trouble of having your septic tank cleaned up after the party.  Porta john rentals are your party potty solution.