Porta John Checklist: Tips When Planning Sanitation Needs for Your Event

Planning an event is not easy, don’t forget one of everyone’s basic needs. Whether it’s a fundraiser, fun run, convention or concert. One concern is sanitation, especially if it’s held outdoors; or there aren’t enough facilities to accommodate the size of the crowd you’re expecting. Sanitation compliance is also important when getting your city or municipal license for the event. Porta johns solve all these concerns. But before contacting your local porta john provider, read this checklist:

  1. Know the number of porta john units needed for the event.

  2. Ask yourself how many portable potties you will need relative to the duration of the event as well as the number of participants, guests as well as your staff. Once you have an idea of how many you need, you can ask your local provider for an estimate based on their technical knowledge and experience in covering sanitation solutions for events. They will base the approximation on the number of attendees, staff, event duration as well as the food and drinks served or available during the occasion.
  1. News flash! Even porta johns have to be periodically cleaned.

  2. Just like a regular bathroom. If you have a short duration, your provider might just clean the portable potty once.Two men dressed in blue work unifroms servicie a porta john. But if it takes longer, like all day long until night, then periodic cleaning and maintenance is required. Do not stall in asking your provider the number of times the porta john must be cleaned and figure out the logistics. Long waits for the john are not crowd-pleasing.
  1. You should know the capacity of the porta john tank.

  2. Ask your service provider the capacity per head and how many times will they be emptied during your event. Sometimes sanitation is taken for granted at an event, and not knowing the importance of having working toilets, not having lines of people waiting to use the john and cleanliness can be event busters. To keep everybody happy and enjoying the event, make sure that your portable potty provider will be able to maintain the units in case the number of attendees increases unexpectedly.
  1. Make sure that you have all the information, including the disposal. 

  2. Even if you are not responsible for maintaining the toilets, having an idea of the disposal of waste is being a responsible event planner as you might worry about the effects on the environment. Look for a local service that disposes of the waste responsibly and within environmental standards.

The Deal Maker -Very Affordable Pricing

Now we come to the deal maker the price. After you have the details you need from local service providers, ask for their prices. Depending on your budget and the type of porta john units you need (i.e., standard, deluxe, ADA-compliant, etc.), local services can give you a reasonable quote. Strike a deal with one provider that offers optimal service at a price that’s suitable for you. Prices range from $100 to $300 per day, depending on the unit type. Bigger units such as ADA-compliant ones or those with service sinks for hand washing cost more.