GOTTA GO BUT IT IS TOO COLD [Tips How Keep A Porta Potty Warm]

As we roll into January, we are seeing record cold fronts across the country. So, how do you Keep A Porta Potty Warm? Read on for what to do with your portable toilet rental

While events are able to be rescheduled, construction projects have a strict timeline. Work moves on regardless of weather. These crews need a place to go on site to ensure productivity. This can be very uncomfortable in freezing temperatures. 

There are two factors to think about when trying to keep your porta potty warm this winter. Keeping the portable toilet warm and keeping you warm. 

While plastic portable toilets are not known for being very warm, the following tips can help keep you warm.  

What To Do To Keep Your Porta Potty Warm

Upgrade To A Restroom Trailer Rental

The best option to ensure that your guests or workers stay warmer is to upgrade your rental Restroom Trailer Rentalto a Restroom Trailer Rental

Providing an elevated restroom experience, restroom trailers have solid walls to keep the cold out.  Restroom Trailers are made of stronger materials than a portable toilet. These options come with a heater, lights, and so much more. Talk to our specialists about renting a restroom trailer and keep your people warm.

Keep Snow Away To Keep Your Porta Potty Warm

Clear any snow away from your portable toile as soon as possible. Snow can quickly pile up around the exterior walls and roof. This will create an even colder experience. Remove piles of snow to prevent a freezing interior. 

Place Your Portable Toilet Rental Inside 

Another great way to keep your porta potty warm is to keep it out of the elements by placing the potty indoors. You will not have to deal with bad smells as long as you have your toilet accessible for weekly servicing. Great places that you can place the portable toilet are in a barn, shed, or inside a warehouse. 

Shield Your Porta Potty Rental From The Elements. 

Frigid wind temperatures will cause the temperature within to drop if exposed too long. Do not have the ability to place outside? That is ok. Placing them in direct sunlight can cut down on the freezing temperatures within the toilet. A great way to warm the portable toilet is to insulate the porta potty by placing it within a tarp or place along a fence line.  The Porta Potty will be several degrees warmer in the direct sunlight especially when the sun is at its warmest.  

Service it regularly

Did you know that waste can freeze? While we do winterize our units, temperatures on really cold days can cause the portable toilet to be colder and potentially damage the portable toilet. This is a not so fun situation that has smelly consequences as it is almost impossible to service a frozen portable toilet. A great way to avoid all of this is to have your toilet fully accessible on service days. The service schedule is built out after delivery. Call your account manager today to get your service schedule. Need an additional cleaning call or email your account manager and they will get you set up. 

Add A Heater

Sometimes it is so cold that the above options just do not cut it. Cold temperatures can be unavoidable. In these situations you need to make your own heat. Adding a space heater can be one of the easiest ways to stay warm inside your porta potty. This cost effective option fits perfectly inside the portable toilet, providing maximum comfort. 

Be very careful to pay attention to the position of the heater. Burned Down ToiletBeing that the size of portable toilets vary from 4x4x8 to 8x8x8, the heater may be very close to you, the walls, or holding tank.

You do not want it to be too close as it can cause bodily injury and/or damage to the unit.

These 6 tips to keep warm in a porta potty will help keep your guests and workers happy and comfortable. Nationwide Waste Service is here to help you with all your portable toilet rental needs. Whether you need guidance on what potty to reserve or to receive a free quote, we are ready and waiting for you. Call us today at (855) 301-2530 or send us an email at