Event Rental Planning [A Guide To Planning Ahead For Summer]

It is starting to feel a little bit normal again and events are back on. Concerts are back on! Weddings are back on! Family get-togethers are BACK ON!!! However, planning an event rental can be overwhelming. From planning the activities to planning the sanitation, you have a lot to think about. Keep reading to discover ways that you can plan ahead and ensure availability. 

What do you need? 

Determining what you need comes down to the type of event you are planning. For instance, you would not want a standard portable toilet at an elegant black tie wedding.  Likewise, you would not want a restroom trailer for a backyard barbecue. So what do you need? 

Standard Porta Potty Rental 

Inside a Standard Portable Toilet | Nationwide Waste Service

This is the unit we all know and love. The unit you see in a big line at concerts. Being the most rented unit, the standard portable toilet comes with a non flushing toilet and 2 rolls of toilet paper. From backyard family get-togethers to large concerts, this unit meets the needs of small and large events.

ADA Porta Potty Rental 

ADA porta potty rentals are important when you are having an event that will have individuals with special needs. The ADA requires 5% of your portable toilets be ADA compliant. What is ADA compliant? An ADA-compliant toilet must follow the same accessibility and usability requirements as permanent dwellings. With low profile ground access, extra large space, and handrails, the ADA porta potty is the answer to your needs. 

Wash Station vs. Hand Sanitizer 

Lets face it, washing your hands and proper cleanliness is important. Now that we both agree on that it is time to figure out how you want your guests to have the ability to wash their hands. 

Wash stations are portable sink stations that come with soap, water, and paper towels. They are ideal for events where water is not available. These are available as standalone units or within select porta potties. These units provide your guests with a comfortable and sanitary experience. 

Another way to allow guests to wash their hands is to add hand sanitizer to the unit. Being the most cost effective option this is available to be added within the portable toilet.  

Restroom Trailer 

Restroom trailer rentals are the perfect choice for larger groups, sophisticated events with limited restroom access, and minimal restroom wait lines. Providing an elevated experience, restroom trailer rentals offer flushing toilets, sinks, counter space, and in some areas even an attendant to wait on your guests’ needs. Most commonly rented for Weddings and high end events, our restroom trailers are spacious and affordable.  Restroom trailer rental

Our 2 most commonly rented options are our two stall restroom trailer and our four stall restroom trailer. However, we have options that provide six stalls up to ten stalls. Each unit requires water and electrical hook ups. Let your trailer account manager know if you need help with electrical or water. 

How many Event Rental units do you need? 

There is not much more unpleasant than a full porta potty. Which makes ordering enough event rental units one of the most important aspects to your rental. By ensuring that you order enough units you can make certain of low restroom wait times and overall experience. So how do you figure out how many you need? Believe it or not, there is a way to calculate this out. The average human uses the restroom approximately 1 time every 4 hours. 

Standard Porta Potty Rentals 

With approximately 120 uses, the average portable toilet can accommodate approximately 50 people over the course of 4 hours to fill 1 toilet. If there is alcohol involved then that number drops to approximately 30-40 people over the course of 4 hours to fill 1 toilet.  

Wash Station Rentals 

With approximately 200 uses, the wash station units are normally reserved with 1 wash station to every 2 porta potties. 

Restroom Trailer Rentals 

Restroom trailers come equipped with larger holding tanks. While the amount of uses vary depending on the unit that you order, the two stall restroom trailer can accommodate approximately 200 people. 

Get Your Order In As Soon As Possible 

With local resources and nationwide availability, we pride ourselves in our ability to get units out on short notice. However, if last year is any indication of this year, it will be very important to get your order in quickly to ensure availability. The summer months will tend to fill up very quickly as more and more people are getting to spend time together again. Contact us today to reserve your unit today.