Dumpster Rental Cost [A Guide To What Goes Into Dumpster Cost]

Looking for dumpster rental cost? You search and search but you can not find a set price sheet anywhere. You need a dumpster (aka roll off dumpster aka open top dumpster) and you need it now. So, why can you not find set pricing for a dumpster?  There are a variety of factors that go into your dumpster rental, such as your location, weight and volume of debris, type of debris, size of dumpster, number of times the unit needs to be swapped, and duration of rental period. 

Read on to help you understand dumpster rental costs. 


With nationwide availability, Nationwide Waste Service prides ourselves on keeping your rental costs down to a minimum. Pricing varies based on local disposal fees, fuel costs, regional regulations and availability. 

Size Of Dumpster 

With a variety of sizes, it is important to get the right dumpster. Roll off dumpsters are available in multiple sizes. To determine which dumpster you need, you will first need to know how much debris you will need to dispose of. Talk to a friendly dumpster representative today to discuss your needs. 

3 Yard Dumpster Rental Approximately 6ft x 4ft x 4ft.
4 Yard Dumpster Rental Approximately 6ft x 4.5ft x 5ft
12 Yard Dumpster Rental Approximately 16ft x 8 ft x 2 ft
20 Yard Dumpster Rental Approximately 20ft x 8ft x 4ft
30 Yard Dumpster Rental Approximately 22ft x 8ft x 5ft
40 Yard Dumpster Rental Approximately 22ft x 8ft x 6ft

Debris Type 

Dumpster rental costs are also largely dependent on the type of material that is being disposed of. Landscaping items will be disposed of differently than household wares as they are sorted at different facilities most of the time. Examples of debris to be disposed of: landscaping material, roofing material, demolition debris, concrete, drywall, asphalt, carpet, and remodeling material. 

Debris Weight 

Dumpster pricing also depends on the weight of debris being disposed of. Weight is based on tonnage of debris. While debris may fit within the container, it is possible to exceed the dumpster’s weight limit. For example, a bundle of 3 tab asphalt shingles will weigh between 60-80 pounds. Itt generally will take approximately 3 bundles used to cover approximately 100 sq ft of a roof. With that said, that 60-80 pounds per bundle will add up fast. 

Number Of Swaps 

While not all construction projects will need a swap, the majority of them do. Once the dumpster is full (see your dumpster team representative on maximum weight limits), you will need a swap. Each swap entails additional labor and transportation costs which are baked into your rental. 

Why Rent From Us

With local resources, we provide construction dumpster rentals across the United States. We take pride in our ability to provide service to both rural areas as well as major metropolitan areas. From construction dumpsters, porta potties to ADA porta potties and solar trailers– our product line can meet every job site requirement. 

We focus on the customer experience to ensure that you have a positive experience with our rental services. We offer a personal account manager to our construction crews. This allows us to ensure that your needs are met to your satisfaction in a timely manner.  

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