Definitive Guide to Porta John Rental

Not every  porta john  is created equal. Each type of porta potty meets different needs. They range from the standard or simplest unit, to the most luxurious, cool and comfortable hotel bathroom inspired trailer units. Because each unit type may have different versions depending on manufacturers and type of use, here is a straight to the point guide following these classifications:

  1. A standard porta john rental is the simplest and most common movable toilet available. It comes with minimal features of toilet, secure lock and essentials like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It doesn’t have a flush or sink. This is the type you will commonly see at fairs, concerts and construction sites. It is one of the cheapest choices in the market. Some have lighting features or transparent roof for natural light to come in.
  2. Deluxe porta johns with flush have flushable toilets with sinks for handwashing, side urinals or a baby changing station. It is bigger than the standard unit. This is often used at food festivals, disaster relief centers, construction or home parties with interactive events where clean hands are a necessity. It can accommodate parents with small kids or used on construction sites where workers can clean up and change to fresh clothes.
  3. Construction porta john rentals for high rise or crane hooks are standard units with steel or iron bars that enable lifting by crane to higher floors. Rolling porta potties are smaller and with wheels to allow them to roll to new locations on construction sites for medium to high rise buildings where it takes time for workers to go down when they need to use the toilet. Rolling types are smaller than the standard so they can fit in service elevators.
  4. A trailer mounted porta john is a standard unit that’s installed on a towable trailer. It comes with durable tires and brake lights for easy and safe towing. It can be parked on without the worries of it running on its own. It is used on mobile worksites, for media crews on field assignments, road work, disaster centers, as well as mobile volunteer projects.
  5. Porta john rental trailers are large trailers with interiors that look like hotel or residential bathrooms complete with flushing toilets, running hot/cold water, counter space and nooks and cabinets to hold guests’ belongings. It is can also be used as a changing room. Porta john trailers are usually well aired with ventilation to keep odor out and air conditioning to keep it nice and cool.

These porta john rentals are designed to accommodate different needs. You can choose any of them for your events, work sites, or other occasions when or where there are limited sanitation facilities.