Construction Porta John Rental [A Guide To Enhance Your Rental Experience]

Lets face it, Construction Porta John Rentals have a bad name. From the smell to the state of the interior, the porta john experience becomes less than pleasant. However, it does not have to be. There are many ways to have a nice clean, comfortable, and accessible Construction Porta John experience. Read on for ways to keep your porta john rental clean, comfortable, and accessible. 

Rent A Porta John For Productivity

There is not much worse than not having a toilet to use when you need it. Not only does it make your employees uncomfortable, it also lowers productivity. Osha requires that there be a Construction Porta JohnConstruction Porta John within 10 minutes. Without a toilet on site, workers must leave your jobsite then come back. This significantly decreases production throughout the day. 

Even if there is a public restroom only 10 minutes from your jobsite, that is 20 minutes in just travel time for your employee. The best option to enhance the productivity of your team is to rent a porta john. You can count on us to provide you with a clean porta-john for employee comfort and productivity.

Construction Porta John Cleanliness

In an effort to keep your Construction Porta John clean, we recommend a maximum of 10 people per toilet on a 40 hour work week.  If you have more crew members, we recommend looking into additional restrooms or additional services each week. 

When you rent with us, you can count on regular servicing of your Construction Porta John.  As part of your rental, we will provide pump servicing one time a week throughout the rental period. Weekly servicing includes pumpingConstruction Porta John Pumper out the toilet, adding fresh charge (the blue stuff), hosing down of the interior, as well as restocking of supplies. 

Need more services? Not a problem. With daily servicing options, we are sure to have what you need to keep your potty clean and fresh for your crew. Ask your account manager for more information today. 


There are many styles of construction rentals available. Looking for a more comfortable experience? Sinks are a must. With our uncertain times, washing your hands is very important. We offer wash stations and sanitizer options throughout our service areas. 

One excellent option is to upgrade your Construction Porta John order to a porta potty with a sink inside the unit. Rather than have a urinal in the unit, this option will have a foot pump sink attachment. 

In areas where a toilet with sink inside option is not available, a construction site restroom trailer will provide an enhanced, clean, and comfortable rental experience.  Construction Restroom Trailers are most commonly used for commercial construction projects. With multiple stalls, sinks, and air conditioning the construction restroom trailer is sure to provide an enhanced potty experience. Our restroom trailer rentals give you the convenience of a restroom wherever you are while still being easy to use. We provide top-of-the-line configurations that will meet your every need.

Porta John Placement

Now that you have your construction porta john rental or restroom trailer rental in mind, the next thing to think about is placement. Placement is important once you have your porta john or restroom trailer. Osha requires access to portable restrooms to be accessible within a reasonable timeframe. We require placement to be within 10 ft from where our trucks canConstruction Porta John Delivery access. To ensure easy access for your crew, we recommend having the unit placed near your construction materials if possible. 

In conclusion, there are many ways to have a nice clean, comfortable, and accessible restroom experience. First, rent a restroom for your employees to easily access for higher productivity. Second, provide a clean potty experience by ordering enough toilets or services to provide your crew with a safe clean potty experience. Third, rent upgraded options such as wash stations, toilet with sink inside, or restroom trailers for the ultimate comfort. 

Look to us at Nationwide Waste Service to provide you with an easy convenient rental with our nationwide resources. We provide rentals throughout the US. From small towns to large metropolitan areas, we got you covered. Call us today at (855) 301-2530.