Calculate Your Potty Rental [A Guide To How Many Toilets You Need]

Keep asking yourself, how many porta potties do I need for my porta potty rental? Figuring out how many portable toilets you need may sound daunting. Whether you need a porta potty for an event or construction, there are many different factors to consider. 

Differences In Porta Potty Rentals

Construction Toilets

There are a horde of construction projects out there. From residential remodeling to commercial build outs, one thing they all have in common is the need for a porta potty rental. Per OSHA requirements, a minimum of 1 toilet isconstruction porta potty  required for construction projects. Among other things, OSHA also requires that all employers of 11 or more hand laborers in the field provide adequate hand washing facilities, including water, soap, and single-use towels. Will 1 construction toilet be enough though? Read on for more. 

    • Top considerations for Construction Porta Potty Rentals
      • What type of construction project do you have? 
      • How many crew members will be on site every 40 hours? 
      • What type of portable toilet do you need?
      • Will there be women using the porta potty? 

Event Toilets

Planning your next event you have an abundance on your plate. With guest experience being the top priority, every aspect needs to be planned to perfection. You have to plan everything from seating to event toilets. While not all events need a porta potty rental, outdoor events and events that do not have a working restroom will need something. While not the finest topic to think about, it is one of the most important.

    • Top Considerations for Event Toilet Rentals
      • Will there be alcohol?
        • On average, events that have alcohol served will have approximately 15-20% more use. 
      • How many people will be in attendance? 
      • How fancy will the event be? 
      • Will there be food served? 

Services Included In Nationwide Waste Service Porta Potty Rentals

Another thing to think about is, will there be service to your portable toilet rental. Servicing your unit enhances the overall experience by pumping out the toilet and replenishing supplies.

Construction rentals come with a minimum of 1x weekly servicing. 

Our construction porta potty rental types have servicing options which allows for an optimal experience. Each construction rental comes with 1 time weekly service. This should be sufficient for projects that have 10 or less workers in a 40 hour work week. By increasing the number of services, you may be able to  avoid needing additional units. Reach out to your account manager or call us at (855) 301-2530 to discuss your servicing needs today. 

Event rentals do not come with scheduled servicing. See an account representative to discuss if services will be needed.

Restroom Trailers For Construction Projects and Events. 

There are times when a porta potty rental is just not going to cut it. From upscale weddings to commercial construction projects, restroom trailer rental is the option of choice. With multiple stall options, there is asolar restroom trailer restroom trailer to accommodate all guests and workers. We have a number of different options available for our rentals. Nationwide Waste Service trailer team can discuss the best choice for your event with you. Our options include daily, weekly, and monthly restroom trailer rentals. We can also provide generator rentals, fresh-water-holding tank rentals, and restroom attendants.

Porta Potty Rental – Our Recommendations

Our recommendation for construction porta potty rentals are as follows: 

  • 10 or less workers on site will need 1 porta potty with 1x weekly service per 40 hours. 
  • 11-20 workers on site will need either 2 porta potties with 1x weekly service or 1 porta potty with 2x weekly service. 
  • 21-30 workers on site will need either 3 porta potties or less with additional servicing. 
  • Separate toilets for women. 
  • If remodeling a restaurant or business, a minimum of 1 handicap or ada porta potty,
  • Either 1 wash station per 2 portable toilets or hand sanitizer inside the unit. 

Our recommendation for event porta potty rentals are as follows: 

  • 1 toilet per 50 guests with no alcohol involved. 
  • 1 toilet per 30 guests with alcohol involved. 
  • Separate toilets for women.
  • 1 ADA or handicap porta potty to accommodate  
  • 1 wash station per 2 portable toilets or hand sanitizer within the unit. 
  • Restroom trailer for optimal experience.

With an abundance of options and nationwide resources, Nationwide Waste Service is your go to sanitation company. Whether you need an event porta potty rental or a construction porta potty rental, we have you covered. Contact us today at (855) 301-2530 , email us at, or reach out on our contact page to discuss your rental options.